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"I'm on a mission to redefine personal and professional development and to end suffering"

− Adam Kawalec

Change doesn't have to be hard

In an age of hectic, frantic and an endless chasing, anxiety, sacrifice, hustle, and burnout are it’s reward.People are consistently striving to be the best, to be the winners, to constantly pursue what they don’t already have. Too often this leaves us feeling anxious, stressed and quite miserable.Not only is this constant pursuit the very thing that keeps your peace and happiness out, but it also has a negative impact on both your physical and mental health.And such is the advice of the loud sages on stages:

“Happiness and growth lies outside your comfort zone.”“You have to be comfortable with being uncomfortable.”“Only when you want success as much as you want to breathe will you be successful.”

I'm here to show you how anyone can change, and everyone can be happy, with much greater ease than one might think!

I'm Adam Kawalec

Contrary to conventional advice about growth, performance and success, I'm here to invite you to see how it's all achievable from inside the comfort zone.Not only are they achievable from within the comfort zone but it’s also more sustainable, efficient and fun! And if it's not fun, then what’s the point?Inside The Comfort Zone invites you to see how everything you need, you already have.Perhaps this isn’t for you. Perhaps you’re reading this and thinking, “I don’t have a problem with being uncomfortable. In fact, I enjoy it!” Wonderful. If that ends up not working out for you, I’ll still be here welcoming you with open arms.However, if you’re someone who's tried and done a lot but still hasn't done enough or you’re someone who wants to do more but doesn't know how to get started, then this might very well be for you.Ask yourself: Why would I leave my comfort zone if I could achieve my goals comfortably, confidently and safely inside it?


Work with Adam

I typically work with Life & Business Coaching clients between 6-12 months, meeting once every two weeks with close contact via email and/or direct messages in between calls. The suggested starting price is $380 USD per month. I apply fair, ethical and inclusive pricing practices.My time is mainly spent in two coaching conversations per day Monday-Friday. My business is solely built on word-of-mouth referrals. I share this to help you see that coaching is what I do – it's my profession. I'm not a marketer, I'm not a social media influencer. I help. We talk. And things change.Nobody needs a coach, but having one can transform your life.

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Anatomy of change

Get things done, the easy way

Overwhelm, defeat, feeling unmotivated or insecure will make you doubt your ability to succeed, and will weaken or eliminate your desire to take action.When you instead operate from inside the comfort zone you’re more likely to achieve the thing(s) you set out to do, sustainably, efficiently and enjoyably.

Growth, performance, change and even success are actually easy. Easy means it's simple. Not that it's void of effort. It's easy because anyone can do it.Anyone can change, and everyone can be happy.


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Coaching with Adam Kawalec

3-Month Retainer Program

The 3-Month Retainer Program is designed provide personalised coaching and guidance to help you shift from efforting to effortless living, while also addressing your unique needs based on your current situation.With a mix of coaching calls, experiments (homework), exercises and unlimited email/chat access you will learn how to relate to your past differently, how to confidently live in harmony with the present and how to build towards the future you desire with more clarity, all the while dealing with your current stuff!

  • The program includes hour-long (but no limit) coaching conversations with Adam every second week.

  • Spot-coaching for emergencies (for when a 20 minute call can help bring clarity between sessions)

  • Clients also have access to text Adam anytime with comments or questions, and he will respond within 48 hours.

  • Once you commit to the program, Adam is committed to your partnership, and you can reach out to him as needed.

  • If any calls/weeks need to be missed due to travel or other commitments, they will be simply added back into the calendar.

  • After completing the program, clients are welcome to continue on a month-to-month basis to refine what they've learned and dive into deeper distinctions of thriving and performing.

To hear what people have to say about me and my coaching, go here.I invite you to click the button below to apply for a FREE coaching conversation where we'll explore if and how I can support you.

The suggested starting price is €1140 EUR (roughly $1220 USD) for the 3-Month Retainer Program or €380 EUR per month. I apply fair, ethical and inclusive pricing practices.Besides the financial investment, your time and attention is also part of the investment, and it's asked that you dedicate about one hour per week (outside of the calls) to complete homework or self-discovery.It's important to point out that the nature of the work and the outcomes from the coaching program are things that can’t be resolved simply by throwing money at it …This kind of work is what you invest in when your problem can’t be solved by just throwing more money at it.Frankly, if simply more money could fix your situation then coaching is probably not the right investment.Instead, what’s required is growth. An expansion. A shift. A whole new way of being.I am excited to get to know you some more and for us to explore how I can be of service to you.Click the button below and fill out the form telling me what’s going on in your world right now, and what you are looking for, and I will get back to you within 48 hours.

Do your homework…I invite you to ask yourself the following questions, in order to gain clarity on if us working together is a good fit:

  • Does this person have integrity in business, in marketing and in life?

  • Will this person truly care about my results or am I just a number and an income to them?

  • Does this person’s coaching style fit with my personality?

  • Do our values align?

  • Are there any signs of over-promising results just to get me to buy?

  • Is this person transparent with their own results?

  • Besides the coaching calls, can I ask for feedback via email/chat? (in my case, yes you can)

I encourage you to do your research on me, listen to my podcast, check out some of my old stuff on YouTube, follow me on LinkedIn and when you’re ready, let’s chat.Please fill out the FREE coaching conversation application below and I will get back to you within 48 hours.

Get Coaching Clients Fast(er)

Without Social Media or Marketing

Recieve help to finally get more clients and make 2024 a year of growth, WITHOUT having to rely on marketing or social media (yes, it's possible).👉 Accept my invitation to get on a free 75-minute session with me, where I'll share some powerful strategies for getting more clients AND I'm leaving room for you to ask my any questions you might have! FREE of charge!Why free?I’m limiting this offer to only 20 ppl, and it’s the first time that I’m offering this to the public and to be honest, I’m still testing some things out … so … would you like to be my test subject AND walk away with a plan for how to get more clients in 2024?Click the button below to fill out a short form, claim your free spot and book a time in my calendar for our call. (I hope you're as excited as I am 🤪)

Workshop Agenda:

For the first 45 minutes, we'll cover these topics:

  • "High yielding activities" - leverage your time and focus on the "needle-movers"

  • Flamingo red - discover what must happen for a prospect to become a client

  • Connect INSIDE your comfort zone - learn how to gain exposure

  • Make a plan - make time for things to happen for you and your business

  • Learn how to invite - find ways to be helpful and never feel pushy again

For the last 30 minutes:

  • Ask me anything - is something unclear or needs more explaining -- ask away!

  • Over to you - time for you to go out and implement the strategy